Hello. I am John Stone the Managing Director of NewGo Enterprises Limited, please let me introduce our company.

NewGo Enterprises Limited is a new and dynamic company based on sound business principles. Our aim is to provide you a second chance in your life by empowering you with new “outside the box” views, business ideas, sound business models and well-being techniques.

At present the Western World is going through a major financial crisis, where uncertanty and fear is reigning. In these crossroads it is more important than ever to be creative and to free your mind of pre conceived ideas, otherwise, you cannot escape from this financial chaos.

Here at NewGo we are trying to demystify that to make money you need a lot of money. In fact you do NOT need a lot of money to succeed, some of our techniques (available on both DVDs and Apple Apps) cost less than a pint!

Have you ever wanted to be introduced or attend very selective, elitist, very expensive seminars and workshops to change direction, improve your chances and found out that these were costing £100s if not £1,000s?

NewGo will provide a second chance, NewGo is now introducing to you these very expensive courses, worshops, at a fraction of the real costs. Imagine having the same information that other people have already paid thousands of pounds for just less than two Euromillion tickets. Armed with some these materials your chances to become financially free are more than million times better than playing the lottery!

NewGo has approached experts of a variety of fields and have acquired their licences and thanks to the progress of the new technology NewGo is now able to bring it to you at a fraction of the real costs. NewGo has also obtained Apple approval for the distribution of these materials we can present these materials highly affordable!

The material provided to you is very expensive and is privileged, usually limited to a highly selected people.

To give you some idea NewGo can introduce to you a vast range of material that you can choose from for example:

  • Help you on how to identify opportunities.
  • Sound business models.
  • Health and well-being
  • Developmental ideas.
  • Business opportunities.
Get started now with high quality applications on the Apple Appstore or on DVDs. You could earn £1000s and improve the quality of your life if you apply these new ideas and concepts. Give yourself a second chance, seize the opportunities you thought they were impossible to seize! You can make the change from very little, to setting up your own business or changing your career. Be the next Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, so get started today and don´t look back.  

To get your mind blown away watch the sample of the above materials.

Make £15k monthly

Making money whilst you’re asleep is THE ultimate goal for any aspiring businessman.

From starting with nothing, to creating a sustainable passive income stream is the most rewarding journey that any entrepreneur will ever make.

Making money online isn’t easy, but it’s certainly achievable, with the right coaching and knowledge, ANYBODY can build a long-term income-generation system that continues working even when you are not!

Now YOU have the opportunity to learn how to create a fantastic income with a comprehensive 8-step formula to financial freedom.

Written by multi-millionaire Mark Anastasi, you are shown step-by-step how to reach financial freedom and achieve your goals.

This app contains:
- The incredibly successful 2008 Seminar videos (over 5 hours footage) run by Mark in his entertaining and instructive way PLUS
- Up to date 2012 links to resources to get you on the road to riches TODAY!
- This Content is often sold elsewhere for 100´s of pounds so grab an AMAZING bargain!

Videos are included in the application so will be stored to your device. There maybe a charge from your provider for download. Links on the resources page however do require a web connection.

Get started now!

Make money locally

You will be introduced to

How to get local businesses begging you to sign them up and take their money

Which business owners are the best ones to talk to, and which ones to avoid like the plague

How to get a clients website onto the front page in Google.co.uk in less than 24 hrs

How to get £2,000 from each client, outsource the work for less than £500 and you keep the rest to spend on you and your family!

How to tap into the local business opportunity to make money locally like no one has ever explained

Just remember you  are at the click of the button to gain from Local Business Income and Make £15k monthly.


Mobile Marketing Income

Here’s What You Will Discover When You click The Mobile Marketing Income

Part 1: The current Mobile device landscape and where it is heading

Part 2: Text Based Marketing Systems

Part 3:Bluetooth Marketing

Part 4: Google Advertising on mobile devices

Part 5: Mobile advertising platforms

Part 6: Mobile Applications – Ipad, Iphone, Android etc

Part 7: Local Business Mobile Marketing

Part 8: Mobile Marketing Case Studies

Part 9: Designing WebPages for mobile devices

Part 10: Review of Mobile Marketing Opportunities

Just remember you are at the click of the button to gain from Mobile Marketing Income and Make £15k monthly. 


Easy Member Income

some common myth about building a membership site are Exposed! You are shown that:

You do not need to be a website designer to create a membership site

It doesn’t take a huge amount of cost and a large investment

It doesn’t require you to know or understand HTML coding (despite what you might have been told)

It doesn’t take a large amount of time to setup

All you need is a domain name, hosting account and your membership software!

In fact it has NEVER been easier to build an automated income when you follow a proven formula and training program

It takes less time, money and effort to build a membership site than any other web business and it will proved to  you!

Just remember you  are at the click of the button to gain from Easy Member Income and Make £15k monthly.

  1.   Our 30-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee

For your own peace of mind we  want you to be delighted with all our DVD products. 

If you are not, simply return the DVDs within thirty days for a full refund of the purchase price.

No questions asked. It’s that simple. For all applications follow Appstore return policy.